Our Services

We have well-equipped workshops with the latest modern tooling, as well as various electronic diagnostic tools and a large variety of common spares. We are continually investing in our facilities, equipment, and training to ensure the level of service you receive is the very best it can be.

OSET Electric Trials Dealer

An OSET electric trials bike

ABS Braking/Brakes

Car brakes

Tyre Replacement

Mechanic replacing car wheel

Mechanical and Electrical Diagnostics and Repairs

Diagram of car warning lights

Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

Our vans with air conditioning advertisements

DPF and EGR Solutions

A DPF filter

Engine and Transmission Rebuilding

A car's engine

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Carbon build-up on an engine

Welding and Fabrication

Welding being carried out on a blue van